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Book with confidence

Book with confidence

A safe and secure return to adventure sailing

We are totally committed to adventure sailing holidays that are run responsibly and that you can book with confidence. We were awarded Feefo reviews gold award and have an average customer rating of 4.7/5, meaning you can feel totally secure when booking with Rubicon 3 that we have your back.

These are very unusual times, so here is what we have out in place to enable you to feel totally secure with your booking.

Complete financial & refund guarantee

If for any reason we cannot run your trip, you get a full, 100% refund of all money you have paid us. We hold all customer money in a Protected Trust, meaning we do not even have access to it until the trip has run. If any trip cannot run, there are no refund delays as you may have experienced with other travel companies and no need to try and claim through your card issuer. All money you have paid to Rubicon 3 will be refunded within 7 days…and that’s guaranteed.

Expert travel advice

We know it can be a bit daunting these days to work out which flight to get, and when. We are here to help and know all these areas very well. When you’re ready to book, feel free to give us a call and we will help you pick the best travel options to join and leave your Rubicon 3 trip.

Covid related issues


You must be able to prove you have the vaccines required for entry into any countries on the route. This is simply because without them you will not be allowed in! these requirements can change at short notice so please ensure you have any vaccinations suggested by the UK government and that should be fine.


We will always follow the UK government’s requirements with regards to pre-boarding Covid tests. If they are not compulsory, we will not require them as the minute you step off the boat after sailing any ‘bubble’ is broken anyway. You can find the latest UK regulations here.


We are well aware that many symptoms of the common cold can be the same as Covid and we do not wish to stop anyone boarding unnecessarily. If you arrive with any Covid symptoms, you will be required to take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) or whatever the current UK government requirements are. While we can obtain these for free, there will be no charge. If this changes and we have to pay for them, this charge will be passed on to you. So long as your test is negative (this usually takes 30 minutes) you will be allowed to board. If you develop any symptoms during your time onboard, you will also need to take an LFT. If your test is positive, you will likely have to disembark the boat. please recognise that as the Covid situation changes, our response to it will also change, so please understand that the situation at the time of your trip may be slightly different from this guidance.


This is usually separate from travel insurance, so if your travel insurance does not cover Covid related issues, we very strongly advise you to take out separate insurance. This should cover you for the eventuality that you are in lock down, that you cannot travel, that you test positive for Covid at any point – and any other scenario that you can think of! If you are based in the UK, there is a policy that seems to be very good that many of our customers have used and this is provided by the Post Office (select cruise option).

For customers based in the USA, there is a very good combined Covid and sailing insurance that can be found through Gowrie. Please fill in their 2021 Travel Questionnaire and email it to Rick Bagnall at rickb@gowrie.com.



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